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Triskele referring to strategize, plan, execute. The image also refers to making progress and moving forward.
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    Do you feel overwhelmed with trying to get your business off the ground? Or perhaps you are struggling to get your business to the next level of competitiveness. You may be misreading the market, trying to do everything yourself, or assuming that customers will come running to you. You simply cannot be an expert at everything. It's okay to ask for help. In addition there are many other impactful internal and external environmental factors which you might not have considered.
     Greetings! My name is Patrick Moran. I am a San Diego marketing consultant located in Clairemont. I have an entrepreneurial mindset, and I think of myself as a strategist as well as a critical thinker.
I realize just how mind-boggling it can be to oversee the multiple facets that make a business successful. If you happen to be already surrounded by knowledgeable people, then your journey to success will be less arduous. If you are not so fortunate, you may feel like you're floundering about in a maze. This is where I come in. My goal is to be a catalyst for change and growth by providing significant value to you, your enterprise, and its stakeholders.  
     Typically, I visit the client's site and discuss the organization's struggles. I try to find out as much about the enterprise as possible including its mission, vision, short term and long term goals, business model, and all the pertinent characteristics. I may do a walk around and try to identify potential points of pain and areas that can be improved.
                               Examples of points of pain are:
     You failed to revisit your business plan; you failed to adapt your business to an ever-changing environment; you are not modifyng your strategies to appeal to current customer needs; you have no defined target segments along with a total offering to appeal to that segment; your target segment does not know you exist; you are not building relationships; your marketing plan is a dismal affair, or it is sitting on a shelf gathering dust; you have staff turnover issues; your corporate culture undermines your growth; or your managers lack leadership skills.
     Points of pain are always in abundance. The trick is to recognize them, and address them quickly and decisively. ​My recommendations will usually call for leveraging the assets you already have, along with added tools and resources you'll require for success. And just like the cogs of a complex piece of machinery, we will fit it all together to make your business more competitive... more prosperous. Together, we will:​
Strategize, Plan, and Execute
A cog amongst other cogs as part of a complex piece of machinery